It’s a hectic, yet beautiful, life. With all the chaos one goes through in a day with work, children, and daily responsibilities, it’s hard to find the time to pause and take a moment. Incorporating an hour of yoga at least three times a week relieves tension, renews energy, improves sleep, and strengthens your body. It can also help you develop a routine of caring for your body and taking time for yourself, and there’s no better way to fill that time than to practice yoga. Here are three great yoga studios around Fleetwood you’ll love to find the time for.

BYSurrey Yoga – The Studio With Every Style

BYSurrey yoga offers a comprehensive list of classes in every style of yoga you could possibly want. From a long stretch at Yin Yoga to the traditional 90-minute classes to intense power classes where every pose is packed into 60 or 30 minutes, there’s something for everyone’s needs. BYSurrey also offers a Yoga for Youths program and advanced classes for the long-time practicing yogis. With an all-day schedule seven days a week, BYSurrey Yoga has the most to offer in the Fleetwood area, including reasonable prices and an impeccably clean studio.

Sheela’s Yoga and Fitness – Intimate and Personalized

Yoga gets personal at Sheela’s yoga studio. This studio is designed for a smaller, after work group, as classes are offered in the evenings (she is a personal trainer by day), and space is limited. Sheela requires guests to pre-pay 48 hours prior to a drop-in class and asks her clients to choose one of her six-week series of registered classes, which will ensure your commitment to come every week. While this method may seem a little more rigid than other yoga studio policies you may be used to, more individual attention is paid to each yogi in her classroom. This is the place to go for a more intimate experience than a larger studio may have to offer.

Inner Glow Yoga – A Drop-In Studio for a Pick-Me-Up!

Drop-in is the name of the game at Inner Glow Yoga. With evening classes during the week and morning classes over the weekend, this studio is scheduled around the 9-5 lives of clients, with no financial commitment necessary. If you’re looking to explore yoga as a beginner, or can’t always guarantee when you’ll be able to make it down, this is the place for you. Gentle Hath/Flow classes are offered for all levels, and Power/Intermediate classes are offered for a regularly practicing crowd.
Check the schedule for registered classes as they are offered as a special series (Restorative and Kundalini at the present moment) at a great rate.

Along with strengthening and relaxing, yoga increases flexibility and mental acuity, and relieves that pesky chronic pain associated with a day job, whether you’re sitting or standing for an extended period of time. If you’re looking to buy a home in the Fleetwood area, and would like to start or continue practicing yoga, consider one of these three fantastic options for Fleetwood Yoga. For more great information about the Fleetwood area, don’t hesitate to contact us today or sign up online for our newsletter. Namaste!