One of the most important assets of a home neighbourhood is having the convenient option to partake in some of your favourite outdoor activities. This is one of the greatest parts of living in Fleetwood, especially if you love to explore the beautiful outdoors by bike. If you’re considering a move here, be sure to include the many bike routes in the area as yet another Fleetwood benefit. Seeing Fleetwood by bike is only getting better, too! Here are some scenic routes and bike lanes you and your family will love.

96th Avenue Greenbelt: a Popular Fleetwood Biking Route

If you’re ready to put tire to pavement, consider making use of the off-road bike paths in Fleetwood. A particular stretch that is a favourite for the bicycling locals of Fleetwood is the greenbelt that runs parallel to 96th Avenue between 160th and 148th Streets. Here you can cycle between two of the most popular parklands in the area: Tynehead Park and Green Timbers Park. Though many more Fleetwood bike lanes and paths are being built, including those located on 80th and 88th Avenues, the particular stretch by 96th Avenue is a safe route to enjoy a leisurely cycle.

Tynehead Regional Park: Biking Trails

If you’d prefer a quieter, more secluded biking route where you can enjoy the great outdoors, consider heading over to Tynehead Regional Park to make use of the bike trails that meander through the greenery of the large parkland. This is an especially good route to take if you have young children, and want to ensure their safety while riding. The pathway here is relatively new, and is large enough to be shared between cyclists and pedestrians. With 260 hectares of meadow and forest land at Tynehead Park, you certainly won’t be short of fresh oxygen while you get your cycling exercise!

Trails and More: Green Timbers Urban Forest

Located at the 14600 Block of 100th Avenue, Green Timbers Urban Forest is one of the city’s largest parks offering over 450 acres of natural beauty and activities to be enjoyed amidst it all. With fishing opportunities in the lakes that are filled with rainbow trout, as well as grassland meadows and nature trails, you couldn’t possibly wish for more as a Fleetwood local. This becomes especially true when you find that the trails here are suited to be explored on bike, too. Why not opt for a route along the 96th Avenue greenbelt, and make it a full day of biking in Fleetwood, both on and off trail.

With many opportunities to enjoy a family fun day full of biking and fresh air, you will surely agree that Fleetwood is the perfect place to raise a family. Whether you’re already living in Fleetwood, or considering a move to the neighbourhood, don’t let the beautiful spring and summer days pass you by without a scenic bike tour of the area. For more information about all things Fleetwood, sign up for my complimentary newsletter!