Are you considering moving your family to Fleetwood? If you have children who are in high school, Fleetwood Park Secondary School is a fine school to attend. Fleetwood Park Secondary School, located at 7940 156 St, Surrey, BC, is a goal-driven, dynamic school with plenty of opportunities that your child can take advantage of. FPSS can help your children create the perfect high school experience that promotes personal growth and teaches them how to be a contributing member of society. Fleetwood Park Secondary School, home of the Dragons, would be a great match for your children. Here are just a few reasons why your kids will love being an FPSS Dragon.

A Goal-Driven Environment

The best way to help your child learn how to set and achieve goals is to have the goal setting process modeled for them in every area of life. What better place to see that than displayed at the school? Fleetwood Park is upfront about setting school goals to provide a better learning experience year after year. They have goals to improve student academic engagement, as well as to help students develop empathy and community awareness as they continue their emotional development through to adulthood. The school aims to improve student learning opportunities, achievement, work habits and personal accountability by fostering engagement in the classroom.

Extra-Curricular Activities for Every Student

After-school clubs and programs are some of the best ways for students to make friends and develop life long relationships in high school. In fact, many of the strongest friendships during this time period for teens are created outside the classroom. Fleetwood Park recognizes this, and provides students with these opportunities. Activities include dance club, basketball, hockey, badminton, swim team, cross country, field hockey, track and field, tennis, soccer and volleyball for students of all age groups. The school also has a travel club that plans a spring break trip every year, and a host of other clubs such as chess club, Earth club, debate club, digital media club, robotics club, grad council, home economics, library club, hope for the homeless club, math club, motorsports club, outdoor club, photography club, student council, film club, aboriginal club… and that’s not all!! There are many, many clubs and ways for any student to find a group of people to belong to, activities to participate in, and mentors to help them through their teen years.

Grade 8 Retreat Helps Newcomers Bond

Fleetwood Park hosts a Grade 8 retreat that is designed to help new students coming up in Grade 8 to bond with each other right off the bat. At the beginning of the school year each year, the Grade 8 class embarks on an overnight retreat that focuses on uniting them as a group and also being aware of opportunities to serve others. This retreat is a strong method of forging friendships, and helps students get involved in their school from the get-go.

Fleetwood Park Secondary School is a great place for students to grow, feel connected, and be challenged academically. FPSS promotes excellence in academics, extracurricular activities, and personal attitude. If you’re considering a move to Fleetwood, FPSS is a great school that your children will love. If you’re looking for a Fleetwood home and are in need of a home evaluation for your current house, call or email me today for a no-hassle evaluation.