Fleetwood is a vibrant, exciting community and a great place to raise a young family. In fact, if you’re looking for a Fleetwood elementary school you’re in good shape, because the community boasts wonderful educational opportunities. Frost Road Elementary, located at 8606-162 Street, Surrey, B.C., is a wonderful place for children to learn and grow. Below are some aspects of Frost Road Elementary to get you familiar with the school and help you make a decision about whether it’s the best place for your child.

Different Subjects at Frost Road

Frost Road has a number of subjects to meet the dynamic needs of every child on the campus. They have the basic subjects available to students such as Mathematics, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies and French. They also have P.E. and Health and Career Education in addition to Music and Art.

Reading Link Competition

After school programs and clubs can be a big deal to students in terms of helping them socialize, set goals, and develop relationships outside of the classroom setting. Fleetwood has a special “Reading Link” club that focuses grade 4 and 5 students on reading for sport. The children are placed in teams where they work together to read books and complete various challenges associated with each book. The children compete in the school and have the potential to advance to regional competitions as well.

Hip Hop Performances

The school is committed to helping children achieve new and exciting dreams, as well as learn different skills. Part of this is the opportunity to be involved in hip-hop dance. Children can learn and perform hip-hop, and watch dances performed. This gives students confidence and opens their mind to new avenues that they may have not considered – critical in this stage of their development.

Mad Science After School Science Club

Frost Road Elementary also offers children the chance to stay after school and participate in the “Mad Science Club” on certain days. This club meets for 8 weeks and the students view demonstrations, participate in hands on activities and have discussions that facilitate their interest in and understanding of science. The club is open for students in grades 2-6 and while it does carry an extra cost for parents, parents are eligible for a tax credit if their children register in the club.

A Great Staff with Lots of Support

Frost Road School has a dynamic team with plenty of support staff committed to the school. This is great for the classroom dynamic. The extra support staff make sure that each child in the room receives an adequate amount of attention during the school day.

Choosing a school can be a stressful activity for a parent. With so many options it can be difficult to know what will be best for a child. Fortunately, Fleetwood has some great schools in the neighbourhood that make students and parents feel welcome and make them active participants in education. If you’d like to hear about more schools and local resources, sign up for our newsletter so we can make sure you stay informed.