When it comes to educational institutions in Surrey, the Fleetwood community features plenty of options for both elementary and secondary schools. One of the main secondary schools in the area is North Surrey Secondary. Located at 15945 96th Avenue, the school is a bustling community of young people with a total enrolment of around 1,435 for its 2013-2014 year. For a more detailed look at what makes this school unique, here’s everything you need to know about North Surrey Secondary.

A Comprehensive Selection of Courses

Any quality secondary school that’s going to prepare its students for the world of post-secondary education and skilled careers needs to have an extensive list of course offerings. The more courses available, the more students will be able to explore their interests and determine where they want to go in life once their education is completed. North Surrey Secondary is one institution that has recognized the importance of having such a broad range of available courses. They give their students as much opportunity for future success as possible by offering every program of study imaginable including fine arts, business, PE and athletics, modern languages (French, Spanish, Japanese, etc.), science, mathematics, English, and social studies.

A Broad Range of Extra-Curricular Activities

Along with formal courses of study, part of the developmental process for secondary students includes extra-curricular activities. North Surrey Secondary offers plenty of different clubs and sports teams for students to be a part of so that they can build the social and teamwork skills that are critical throughout life. Clubs that students can join at North Surrey Secondary include a debate club, chemistry club, cross-country club, environmental club, volunteer club, bullying prevention club, car club, guitar club, and many others. Students can also try out for sports teams and compete against other schools in ice hockey, volleyball, basketball, cross-country, and soccer.

A State of the Art Library Gives Students the Tools to Succeed

Students need access to the right tools if they’re going to achieve academic success, and North Surrey Secondary provides them with exactly what they need in the form of a state of the art library. It features a fully networked computer lab that gives free access to all sorts of online databases and encyclopaedias for research purposes. The library also boasts an exhaustive collection of fiction and non-fiction books that have been carefully curated to include all major texts relevant to every course of study offered by the school. Attentive and knowledgeable librarians are present each day to help students optimize their usage of the library’s resources and to further build upon the variety of resources that are offered.

There are many schools to choose from for your children across the Fleetwood community, and North Surrey Secondary is just one quality option. All of its excellent academic and extra-curricular programs go a long way towards promoting overall academic success. If you’d like more information about schools or real estate in the area, sign up for our newsletter. Or if you’re in the Fleetwood area and would like a home evaluation, give us a call and we’ll set up a date and time.