Dedicated to guiding young learners through their spiritual and intellectual growth, St. Matthew’s is an elementary school servicing the Fleetwood area. The instructors at St. Matthew’s commit themselves to the task of passing on lessons that will aid their students in becoming conscientious Christians. In this regard, St. Matthew’s Elementary prides itself on having created a welcoming learning environment that pays special attention to each child’s spiritual development.

Academic Overview and Grades Offered

St. Matthew’s offers schooling for preschool aged children all the way up to Grade Four. As with all other educational institutions that fall under the jurisdiction of the British Columbia Ministry of Education, students at St. Matthew’s have the opportunity to learn about a wide range of subjects outside of Religious Studies including Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, French, Language Arts, Physical Education, Fine Arts, Career Education, Health Studies and Information Technology Studies. While preschoolers, kindergartners and first graders are introduced to basic language, math and other skills that will help them better navigate the world around them, students in Grades Two through Four will learn to develop their critical thinking skills while exploring the more learning intensive subjects. At all grade levels students are expected to develop both independent learning and teamwork skills.

Religious Programming and Education

Faith and religious education are integral parts of St. Matthew’s Elementary. Students are given numerous opportunities to acquaint themselves with Christianity and what it means to live piously. Christian and non-Christian students are both expected participate in Religion Studies and attend mass services on a regular basis. Offering mandatory regular church services is one of the ways St. Matthew’s encourages its students to continue building a Christian community. A good example of this is Sunday Mass, a service which is open to students and their families. The school also offers sacrament programming through the parish, which parents are also encouraged to participate in.

Teacher Contact Information

Alongside attending parent teacher conferences throughout the school year, parents are also encouraged to stay in touch with their child’s teachers. Teachers can be reached via email throughout the school day and after school hours from 8:30am to 5:00 pm.

Extracurricular Programs and Events

Choir, Cross Country and Track and Field are offered throughout the school year at St. Matthew’s. Students are encouraged to participate in these exciting activities to further their education in becoming active community members. Holiday concerts and tournaments are among the rewarding events students can expect to participate in when signing up for these extracurricular programs.

As a faith-based school, St. Matthew’s Elementary takes its commitment to providing an inclusive, morally sound learning institution very seriously. The students of this school are expected to engage in both academic and religious pursuits as part of a well-rounded education. As members of the St. Matthew’s community, students are also encouraged to use the tools and lessons taught to them by their teachers in practicing moral behaviour in all aspects of their lives.

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