When it comes to living in the Fleetwood and Guildford areas, one of the biggest advantages is having so many beautiful outdoor parklands to enjoy on a sunny day. This is especially advantageous when you have an active dog in your family who loves to run free and explore. If you’re thinking of moving to the area, consider the following off-leash dog parks as just another pro to add to the list. These are some places where your pooch will surely love to run free.

Freedom in the Heart of Fleetwood

Freedom Park is situated in the heart of Fleetwood and is one that stays very true to its name, offering complete freedom to both you and your pooch. This off leash dog park in Fleetwood combines forested and grassy areas with gravel terrain for the best off-leash playtime your pooch could ask for. There’s also a trail through the forested area for you and your dog to explore together. The park is safe, though not completely fenced, so dog owners should take care to look out for their dogs. Freedom Park offers a water tap, covered seating, and washrooms, and is conveniently situated at 15452 84th Avenue.

Off Leash Land in Guildford: Tynehead Regional Park

For a place that will encompass an entire day’s worth of exercise for both you and your pooch, visit Tynehead Regional Park in Guildford, which offers 260 hectares of meadow and forest land, as well as plenty of trails and wildlife. The trails take a minimum of 40 minutes to complete, making a visit to Tynehead a great opportunity to relax while enjoying the natural outdoors. Many dog owners will walk their dogs on leash through the trails and then let them run free in the off leash portion of the park, which can be accessed from the 168th Street side of the park. Tynehead Regional Park off leash dog park in Guildford is located at the 17200 Block of 96th Avenue in Guildford.

A Community Recreational Area: Kennedy Park

Kennedy Park is located at 12171 90th Avenue in northwest Surrey and is a multi-recreational use park with an off-leash dog area as well. With seven tennis courts, a soccer field, as well as plenty of trails, the park is certainly worth visiting with your pooch. The off-leash area of the park is safe and fully fenced, with a forested area as well as open space for your dog to run free and play in. The park also offers washrooms, and parking is available off 90th Avenue.

Up and Coming Off-Leash Dog Parks

Reacting to the needs of the community, there are many plans and developments for off-leash dog parks in the Guildford and Fleetwood neighbourhoods. Some of the parks which are soon to be off leash include Bonnie Schrenk Park, Port Mann Park, and Fraser View Park.

Having nearby and convenient options in your neighbourhood to cater to your daily life is an important aspect to choosing your future home. Knowing that there will be more developments in the future that will enhance the convenience of your life is also very reassuring, and is certainly a promising sign. To receive more valuable information from your Fleetwood and Guildford home specialist, sign up for my informative newsletter!