Tynehead Regional Park is owned and maintained by Metro Vancouver. Located in the 17600 block of 96th Avenue, this park has many points of interest along its trails. Winding through mixed deciduous-coniferous forests and lush meadows, hikers make their way around the headwater feeders of the Serpentine River. Tynehead Park is popular with hikers and families in the area. It offers visitors a picnic area, off-leash dog area, and campground. It is also home to the Tynehead Salmon Hatchery and beautiful butterfly gardens. If you’re an avid hiker, or if you’re just getting into hiking, Tynehead Park has a variety of trails that are great exercise. Here are just a few of Tynehead Park’s best trails for hikers of all abilities.

Hike and Discover Hatchery Trail

Tynehead hatchery works hard to protect the local salmon habitat. The facility runs throughout the year to encourage growth in salmon populations in BC. The hatchery is open to the public on a seasonal basis, and viewing it is a great activity to incorporate into your hike. The Hatchery trail makes combining these two activities easy. It is mostly flat and has a firm, gravel surface. It contains one hill with a gentle slope, and two ridges. The first ridge is a viewing platform that meets the walking trail, and the other is located at the south end of a bridge that goes over the river. This is a great trail for family adventures, and it’s dog friendly for on-leash visitors. If you plan on bringing your dog along, it is important to keep them away from the water and riverbanks. The salmon that live here are in a vulnerable stage of development, and can be sensitive to disturbances.

Set Out On Salmon Habitat Loop Trail

This trail is slightly more adventurous than hatchery trail. There are some loose sections in the pathway, and two slight slopes. Both these slopes are on the west end of the loop, and the longest cross slope section carries on for 50m. There are a couple of boardwalks along this loop, each having a ridge. This trail is a good one to pair with Hatchery Trail, as the path follows the same streams as the salmon that spawn here.

Take On Tynehead Perimeter Trail

This wheelchair-accessible trail has a paved surface, and is a perfect undertaking for every member of the family. The trail does have gentle to moderate slopes, and is not accessible between 168th Street and the Hatchery entrance. The perimeter trail connects hikers to other parts of Tynehead Park.

Combine Trails and Plan Your Adventure

There are many trails in Tynehead Park, so it is recommended that hikers plan their route before departing on their adventure. The park is rich in wildlife, so keep your eyes open as you discover the park. Tynehead is a habitat for owls, hawks and coyotes. There are a number of great Fleetwood parks that hikers enjoy, but Tynehead Park hikes are some of the best in the city. Pack a picnic, and bring the family to enjoy the extraordinary trails at Tynehead.

If you have not yet discovered this popular park, plan a visit today. There are scenic trails and natural surroundings that will satisfy hikers of any ability. You will be glad you came to the home of Surrey’s salmon hatchery and butterfly garden, and may even leave feeling inspired. Tynehead is just one of the many great reasons people love Fleetwood and other nearby Fleetwood parks. If you’re in the market for a new home, Fleetwood is a great area to live. Call me today for a free home evaluation, or sign up for my newsletter to keep up on the latest and greatest in Fleetwood and Guildford.