Whether you’re a family of bookworms, a single, senior, zoomer or somewhere in between, the Fleetwood Library has something for every reader of every age. An impressive entity on its own, the Fleetwood Library also has two other major cards up its sleeve: it’s adjacent to the Fleetwood Community Centre and community park, and it’s part of the Surrey Libraries network.

Among the statements in the network’s Mission and Values are to “take leadership in promoting the value of literacy and a love of learning” and “advocate for intellectual freedom.” One visit to the library or its website demonstrates that the Fleetwood Library is perfectly positioned to bring the best of the written word and the many doors it opens to as many generations as possible.

Programs for Kids of all Ages and Interests:

The Fleetwood Library has an impressive schedule of events for kids of all ages. From Baby, Toddler and Preschool Storytime to PJ and Family Storytimes, families with younger children can choose from an amazing array of activities that combine reading and fun. For elementary school kids, pre-teens and teens, there’s the Pre-Teen Book Club, the Teen Advisory Group (TAG) and the Coast Capital Reading Buddies program that pairs Little Buddies in grades 2-4 with Big Buddies who are Teen Volunteers.

Programs for Bookworms on All Platforms

The Fleetwood Library has an impressive collection of books and reading materials on hand, as well as eBooks, audiobooks and online news and magazines. Whether you prefer the good “old-fashioned” feel of a weighty hardcover classic, the sleek look of a new graphic novel, or a stack of paperbacks to take home for a long weekend, the library staff can help you find your next favourite read. If you prefer to use your computer, tablet or phone there are many “modern” resources to plug into, or you can borrow an eReader through the library’s three-week loan program and try one of these devices out.

Programs for Reading, Research and Reaching Out:

The Fleetwood Library has an impressive collection of literature to feed any fix, as well as an impressive collection of opportunities to share the love of literature and learning with others. There are book clubs, adult literacy programs, English conversation classes and books on world languages, author and writing events, social events like movie and board game nights, and workshops. Whether you’re looking to scoop up a novel or two and enjoy a blissful book blitz by yourself, or you’re looking for some social interaction to go with the latest science fiction, the Fleetwood stacks are where it’s at.

If you’re already a resident of Fleetwood or you’re considering becoming one, you can depend on resources such as the Fleetwood Library to bring out the best that our community has to offer. From inviting indoor and multi-purpose spaces such as the Library and Community Centre to the outstanding outdoor facilities and natural surroundings, Fleetwood is the perfect place to lead an active and enriching lifestyle.

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