In order to operate a business in the city of Surrey or the Fleetwood neighbourhood, a valid business license is necessary. Before you begin operations, you should familiarize yourself with the local business bylaws and regulations that determine how businesses are run in Surrey, and the types of business licenses that are necessary. Even if you’ll be operating as a home-based business, you still need the proper documentation. Here are five important tips that every new business owner needs to know about licensing, taxes, and much more.

Know What Defines a Home-Based Business

A home-based business is one that usually operates directly out of the owner’s home as opposed to a commercial or industrial location. Quite often the owner operates the business alone, but may rely on family or a small staff to assist with daily operations. In Surrey, BC, your business is classified as home-based if you operate out of your residence rather than another location or a vehicle, or if you provide services outside of Surrey. A Bed and Breakfast is also defined as a home-based business, and can be very profitable in the right location.

Do Your Homework Before You Start

Read the home-based business regulations for Surrey to make sure that your business will be allowed to operate and that you’re in compliance with the regulations. Most businesses are allowed to operate from home within the City of Surrey. If you have questions about compliance, contact the City of Surrey Licensing Office. Note that specific regulations apply to single-family and duplex dwellings.

The city mandates that only immediate family members who reside in the home may be employed. Alterations to the structure of the building are not allowed. No visible evidence of the business is allowed from outside, and only 25 percent of the home may be used for business. If the owner lives in a condo or townhouse, permission of the owner is required.

Fill Out the Business License Application Form Correctly

When you’re filling out the application form for your business license, make sure that all fields are filled out correctly. The form contains basic information and can be filled out quickly, but if there are errors in the information, it will delay your approval.

Make Sure To Pay the Correct Fee

A business license fee to operate your home-based business must be included with the application. A schedule of the licensing fees is available in the Business License Bylaw document. If you have questions about the fee, contact the City of Surrey Licensing Office.

Ways To Submit Your Application

When you submit your license application, you may do it in person at the Surrey City Hall. However, you also have options of submitting your application by email or by faxing it in with your application fee. When you submit your application, you will receive a license number, and the license is usually sent immediately.

You now have a good understanding about how easy it is to have the proper licensing for your home-based business in Fleetwood or Surrey. Good luck with your venture!