Summer is just around the corner, and in terms of things to do, the local Fleetwood Community Centre will be offering programs for all ages right on through the warmer months. Located at 15996 84 Avenue, the centre is open all year round with a Monday to Friday schedule of 7AM-10PM and weekend schedule of 8AM-5PM. Fees for the facility range from a few dollars for drop-ins to a few hundred dollars for a 1 year pass. Here are some of the Summer 2014 programs you can expect to see at the Fleetwood Community Centre this year.

Plenty of Programs for Children Ages 6-12

One of the main areas of focus at the Fleetwood Community Centre is on fun and enjoyable programs for children that are designed to teach the youngsters important social skills and practical life lessons. Many of their most popular programs run through the summer months and include activities such as art, music, dance, sports, martial arts, cooking, and even babysitter training. Each of these engages children with others their age and actively encourages participants to express their creativity and work with one another to achieve goals. Summer also means that children in the community have the opportunity to participate in full day camps that incorporate all of the various programs mentioned above.

Classes for Adults to Get Out and Enjoy the Summer

The Fleetwood Community Centre also offers a number of classes for adults who are looking to get out this Summer and really enjoy themselves. The classes that see the highest levels of participants include dance and yoga, both of which are great for getting active and clearing the mind, along with a wide range of fitness classes like cardio kickboxing, boot camp, step classes, and circuit training. Each of these is an excellent way to invest your time this summer if you’re looking to either get in shape or remain as active as possible. In addition, the centre features a handful of creativity based classes for adults such as music, guitar, and art classes, all of which offer you the chance to learn new skills and perhaps even discover your next favourite hobby.

An Ample Variety of Programs for Seniors to Choose From

Opportunities for seniors are aplenty at Fleetwood Community Centre as well. The fitness, health, and wellness programs provide a setting in which seniors can work on keeping active and healthy within a group that acts as a means to encourage each individual participant. Primary focus is put on lighter exercises and stretching routines that promote healthy circulation and active muscle use. The centre’s other programs for seniors includes weekly games (bingo, cards, outdoor sports, etc.) as well as plenty of special events that feature guest visitors and even bus trips across Surrey.

This Summer is as good a time as any to head on down to the Fleetwood Community Centre and see what they can offer for you or someone you know. Their programs include activities for everyone from kids to adults and seniors. You’re all but certain to find something of interest available at the centre this summer. To receive your Fleetwood home assessment, give us a call to organize a date and time that’s right for you. You can also sign up for our newsletter to stay updated on the Fleetwood community and its real estate market.