One of the fun things about residing in Fleetwood is all of the awesome opportunities you have to support local and unique businesses in the area. There are scores of Fleetwood coffee shops and Fleetwood cafés that are special to the area and would love your business so they can get to know their neighbours and continue to be a part of the community now and in the future. Below is a list of four of the best local coffee shops in the Fleetwood area that you can visit when you need to perk up. They surely will not disappoint!

Try The Wired Monk Coffee Bistro in Fleetwood Centre

The Wired Monk has everything from creamy frozen beverages to simple brewed coffee. They are also true supporters of local artists and community events. They are known for their fun events, whether a fundraiser for children in Ghana or an evening of acoustic coffeehouse music. Before you head down, be sure to check them out on Facebook where they occasionally post discounts, such as 2 for 1 drink specials.

Another Great Fleetwood Centre Find: Esquires Coffee

If you want to keep with the Fleetwood Centre theme but aren’t too interested in The Wired Monk, try Esquires. Patrons praise their outdoor covered seating, which allows you to blissfully take advantage of warm, sunny days. Those are important in B.C., so it might not be a bad idea to visit a patio with a coffee in hand if you get the chance. The place is popular with dog owners because of the patio, so if you’re looking for a nice stop when you take your dog for a walk, this is it.

Try the Gluten-Free Options at Cuatro Coffee

Cuatro is one of those places that seem to have it all: coffee, Wi-Fi, and gluten-free options! They have a smart, upbeat atmosphere with the occasional live music experience to serenade you. Their vision is to be a true, local, artistic coffee shop that functions as a community. Oh, and did you know they have panini? Made fresh daily, these grilled sandwiches are great when you need something a bit more substantial than a cookie or muffin. They are located next to PriceSmart Foods and Coast Capital Savings.

Cafe Central Has the Basics If You’re Rushed

If you’re in a rush and want to support a local vendor while you simply “grab and go,” try Cafe Central. They have all the standard coffee offerings that we’ve come to expect from coffee shops, such as the latte and the cappuccino. They also have some food items, including cookies, muffins, squares, and the like. Need a business meeting catered? They will bring their supplies to you and meet your needs!

Supporting local businesses is a great way to build community in your area and meet your neighbours. Stray from your normal routine and check out a few of these worthy coffee shops next time you need a java fix. They are where art, music, and great treats collide! For more local tips, trust locals like us and sign up for our newsletter so you can get the inside scoop on all things Fleetwood.